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  The Texas Basket Weavers Association 
(TBWA) is a non-profit organization whose 
purpose is to 
perpetuate the art of basketry, stimulate interest and knowledge in all phases of basketry, enhance the skills of our members, and 
promote public interest in this historic craft.

Welcome to the 
Texas Basket Weavers Association!

Check out the great article about our 2016 "Kickiní It Up In Dallas" TBWA Conference. 

What a wonderful time!

logo for the Dallas Morning News

Basket Weavers Practice An Ancient Handicraft

Hope you will be with us for the 2017 Conference in Houston, January 19-22, 2017. 

More details coming soon.


Please join us in our goal to stimulate an interest and perpetuate the art of basketry.

Membership is open to everyone 
who is interested in basket weaving. 

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