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Ready - Set - Go! Days Until Our 7th Annual Conference in Kerrville
We're counting down the days until we see everyone again!

As you can see, we’re just a BIT excited about our upcoming conference in Kerrville!

A quick view of the classes is available to everyone (Members and Looky-loos) on the Conference Classes page.

Online Registration has closed and classes will only be available at the conference registration desk – January 18th – 20th!

See you there!

2018 Conference News


On Saturday evening, January 20th, we offer Marketplace space to any registrant who wishes to sell basket-related supplies or items he or she has made. Marketplace will be held in the weaving room from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

Applications and fees for Marketplace are due November 1, 2017.

If you are interested in participating, please use the CONTACT 2018 CONFERENCE TEAM form to sign up and get info on payment mark your printed registration form or Pre-ordering basket kit and Marketplace fee form, and pay the $10.00 fee to reserve a space for you to sell your items.

OR if you’re registering by mail – mark your printed registration form or Pre-ordering basket kit and Marketplace fee form, and pay the $10.00 fee to reserve a space for you to sell your items.

All individual Marketplace spaces must be pre-paid before the Conference.

Plan now to join us for the 7th annual
Texas Basket Weavers Association
conference, January 18-21, 2018!

We’ll be Weavin’ in Kerrville at the
YO Ranch Hotel and Conference Center.

Conference registration does not include lodging.
Extra Day Weaver fees are charged for conference
attendees not staying at the YO Ranch Hotel.

Weave while the reed is wet!

Click Here to Make Your Reservation Online 

YO Ranch Hotel and Conference Center
2033 Sidney Baker
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Mention Texas Basket Weavers Association to get the
special discounted rate when you make your hotel
room reservations early by phone.
830-257-4440   OR    1-877-967-3767

Discounted hotel rooms are on a first available basis
and this offer ends Monday, 8 January 2018.

Class Confirmations and Form for Pre-ordering Basket Kits and Paying the Marketplace Fee

Class confirmations along with the form for pre-ordering basket kits or reserving space to sell in the Marketplace will be sent in the first half of October 2017.

  • All registrants will receive their confirmation and form via email unless they supplied a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Follow the confirmation instructions, and the instructions on this form, to send in your money for classes, basket kits and/or marketplace fees.

Pre-Ordered Basket Kits

  • Pre-ordered basket kits will be available for pick-up between classes or during Marketplace.
  • Kits will NOT be mailed. You must make arrangements to have someone else pick up your kit(s) if you are unable to do so yourself.

Be sure to visit our great Vendors
at the 2018 Conference!

  • Atkinson’s Country House
  • Bittersweet Baskets and Homestead Handles
  • Cornerstone Baskets
  • Gifts by Brenda
  • Homestead Baskets

Silent Auction and
Opportunity Drawings

  • Silent Auction bidding and ticket sales for the Opportunity Drawings will be available from Thursday noon through Saturday 6:00 pm. 
  • No address labels needed – just write your NAME on the back of your ticket for a quick way to identify yourself for the drawing.
  • Silent Auction numbers will be assigned by Registration and you will receive that number in your registration packet.
    • You must be present at the Conference or appoint someone to pick up your items.
    • Silent Auction items must be paid in full by cash or check when winners are notified.
    • No items will be mailed.

TBWA Stars of Weaving Illustration - stock image

  Stars of Weaving Competition

and The Exhibition

Stars of Weaving

Share your baskets with your fellow weavers in either a juried or non-juried exhibit!
5 Juried Categories (each competing for $50 cash prizes):

  • Reed
  • Art/Unusual Piece
  • Natural
  • New Weaver (less than 2 years)
  • Professional

One entry from the above categories (except Professional) could win even more $$ and prizes with the Viewer’s Choice Award!

COMPETITION UPDATE! This year, winners of the juried categories will receive $50 CASH, rather than a $50 voucher for Conference Vendors, as in prior years. That means you’ll have more money to spend on the Silent Auction, Opportunity Drawing tickets, dinner, supplies or gift items from a Vendor or at Marketplace … or on whatever you like!

Non-competitive Category (no prize money): The Exhibition

Want to show off your basketry skills but don’t want to enter the Stars of Weaving? The Exhibition is just the place for you! Bring your non-competing items to display during the conference.

It’s easy to enter the Stars of Weaving Competition or The Exhibition and FUN to show off your basketry skills!

Get further details by contacting our Stars of Weaving Coordinator here: 

Contact Us

2018 Conference Committee

Have a specific question about an area of the Weavin’ In Kerrville Conference? Contact the committee members using the links below. For general questions, contact the 2018 Conference Chair, Elizabeth Lundquist.

Conference Chair Elizabeth Lundquist
Registration Shelley Kessler
Teacher Coord. Jan Schmidt
Vendor Coord. Bev Hoffmann
Volunteer Coord. Diane Wilson
Donations Coord. Karen Hobbs
Printing & Publicity Linda Satter
On-Site Facilities Mgr. Diane Wilson
Stars of Weaving &
The Exhibition Coord.
Charlotte Moore

Look for upcoming announcements about
our 2018 Conference in Kerrville, TX
on our  Facebook page!

Got a Question About the Conference?

Contact 2018 Conference Team
If you have questions in more than one area, mark the one that is the most urgent then include your second question or volunteer request in the message box.
Type your email
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When registering via the website:

You must use the PayPal link provided to pay for the total amount due. The website program will compute your amount due (registration fee (Staying at YO Ranch or Day Weaver Pass), and if applicable, membership dues, and Day Weaver fees (if you’re not staying at YO Ranch). You will only be able to pay the registration fee, membership dues, and/or Day Weaver fees at this time. Class fees cannot be paid via PayPal. Online conference registrants will receive their confirmations through email. Details on how to pay class fees will be included in your class confirmation notice.

The denim TBWA logo shirt is not available for order via the website. Order the Denim Shirt by using our Contact the Conference Chair form to place your order.

All cancellations must be in writing to TBWA c/o Shelley Kessler, Conference Registration Chair. A $25.00 processing fee will be subtracted from ALL refunds.

Refunds will not be offered after November 30, 2017.

I already know the classes I want, I have my YO Ranch reservation, AND I’m a TBWA Member 

Register Me Now!

I just want to look at the classes first 

Show Me the Classes

Know your Weaving Skill Level:

Please evaluate your skill level, not only for your total weaving experience, but also for your experience using the techniques and materials offered in the classes you are considering. If you are trying a new technique it may be best to look for materials that you have used in the past. The same can be said if you are trying new materials but using weaving techniques that you have al-ready mastered.

Beginner (Beg): Beginner students have little or no weaving experience having woven none or only a few baskets. These weavers are learning about basic weaving techniques, such as over/under weaving, start/stop weaving, twining, and rim lashing. They are learning to control shapes. Please give extra consideration when taking a class in a material or technique that you have never used before.

Beginner/Intermediate (Beg/Int): These students have woven beginner baskets, consider themselves still beginners but are ready for more challenges.

Intermediate (Int): Intermediate students are proficient in basic weaving techniques. They do not have difficulty setting up bases, twining, completing over/under weaves and creating rims using the materials offered in a class. They are ready for new weaving techniques.

Advanced (Adv): Advanced students are proficient at beginning and intermediate weaving techniques. Weavers at this level are capable of designing a basket on their own. Students are comfort-able with shaping and more challenging aspects of weaving such as intricate patterns and multiple weaves.

All Levels (All): These classes are offered to students of all skill levels from Beginner to Advanced.