Meet the Teachers of TBWA's 2019 Conference:

Sandy Atkinson

Sandy began weaving in 1983 when she was home with her four daughters.  In 1985, she and her husband Steve opened Atkinson's Country House, where she could teach basket weaving and sell supplies. The success of the business grew into a nationwide mail order company. Sandy had a nationwide PBS-TV series in the late 1980’s and 1990’s and has continued to teach around our great country in over 20 of our great states! She has written several hundred patterns, has been featured in magazines, and is a published author of her patterns and five books. Her goal now is to promote basketry, especially to the younger weavers, to assure that the art will continue into the future.  Sandy and Steve love to travel around the USA teaching this wonderful art.

Classes: 109, 116, 205, 218, 313

Steve Atkinson

Photo of Steve Atkinson

Steve Atkinson worked for GM for 34 years. He retired in 2000 and joined his wife Sandy at Atkinson's Country House full time. He is in charge of packing and shipping, plus anything else that needs doing. Steve took up woodcutting and now cuts all of the woodwork for the shop including his own stools, rockers, and chairs. He also enjoys teaching the seat weaving classes. Steve and Sandy continue to work in the basket studio in Lennon, Michigan. They live on a small farm, have eight grandchildren and love to travel around the USA to teach.

Classes: 201, 202, 302, 304, 408

Vickie Gildon

Photo of Vickie Gildon

Vickie began weaving in 2001 and taught her first class in 2005 at her church. She has continued teaching locally for the Duncan Arts Council and Stephens County Home Extension Group. She would like to thank everyone for their encouragement to submit to TBWA.

Classes: 111, 212, 219, 314

Karen Hobbs

photo of Karen Hobbs

Karen has been weaving since the late 1980s when an aunt taught her to weave pine needle coil baskets. She has been a multimedia artist ever since through knitting, book making and quilting to name a few. Her love is baskets and brooms and sharing the knowledge gained through years of teaching. Karen has just released her first book. “Swept Away, the Vanishing Art of Broom Making”. She has served as President of the Central Texas Basket Guild and Member at Large for Texas Basket Weavers Association. She was awarded the First Recipient of the Texas Basket Weavers Educational Grant 2017, with which she learned more in-depth about Willow weaving, harvesting and growing. She is a member of the teachers at Oklahoma, Stateline, Texas and Texas Gourd Society.

Classes: 106, 311

Emma Hughes

photo of Emma Hughes

Emma is enjoying her 31st year as a basket weaver and instructor. She has taught throughout the Southwestern United States and the TBWA Conference as well as Missouri and North Carolina Conventions. Basket weaving is her passion and her therapy. Sharing her talent with people is like putting a rim on a basket -- the best part.

Classes: 215, 310, 404

Debbie Hurd

photo of Debbie Hurd

Debbie began weaving about 30 years ago at a community education program in Arkansas.  She retired from teaching first grade Reading and is now active designing new baskets, traveling, and just having fun weaving! She has taught in many states for conventions, seminars, small groups, and guilds.  She also taught on the Basket Weaving Cruise.  She and Candace Katz co-own the business, Bases To Weave. Weave something new, learn something new and pass it on to someone new.

Classes: 101, 203, 306, 405

Candace Katz

photo of class #103 Philly

Candace has been weaving for 20 years and teaching for 15 years.  Her designs include wood bases woven with reed, maple & cane.  She has taught at many conventions and weekend weaves. Candace is partners with Debbie Hurd in Bases to Weave, a supplier of wood base products for basket weaving. She enjoys meeting new people, visiting with old friends and sharing tips & tricks. For her, the journey is all about the love of the weave.

Classes: 103, 207, 305, 402

Gina Kieft

photo of Gina Kieft

Gina began weaving baskets through her local Community Education program. She loved it from the start and has been teaching basket weaving for 20 years.  With over 100 patterns written, works published in two basket magazines and several awards won at the AMB and the NCBA Conventions exhibit rooms, she is thrilled about the opportunity to teach her love of basket making.  She enjoys teaching at the local Arts Council and Council on Aging, Scout troops as well as private groups and individuals. More information can be found on her website: She loves trying new mediums and new techniques; however, twill is her favorite.

Classes: 104, 113, 208, 315 A & B

Julie Kleinrath

photo of class #105 amethyst dream

Julie began weaving in 1990. She has been teaching since 1993 and has traveled to over 35 states to teach and has also taught at sea! She has written a book and is currently working on her second. Julie has a basket supply shop located in Grand Junction, CO. and designs baskets and teaches classes there.

Classes: 105, 114, 204, 216, 307, 406

Karen Kotecki

photo of class #107 Waves

Karen’s license plate holder says it all:  “I’d Rather Be Basket Weaving.” A close second is teaching, a passion that inspires her to create new designs with both traditional and non-traditional materials.  The opportunity to share her knowledge and techniques to help others on their basket weaving journey keeps Karen motivated. Even after many years of weaving, Karen remains a student of basketry: reading, traveling to museums, and taking classes.  Attending conventions is always a learning experience as she is informed and inspired by the work of others.

Classes: 107, 115, 209, 217, 312, 407

Annetta Kraayeveld

photo of Annetta Kraayeveld

Annetta began the weaving in 1994 when she found a book and begged a lesson. She is still obsessed with baskets and finds great satisfaction in working with her hands, merging an age-old art form with the contemporary world. Creating functional art pieces is her passion. When not weaving, Annetta is teaching, which she enjoys as much as weaving. She has been teaching at basket events and guilds across North America since 2000. In 2015, Annetta started a blog called the Basket Teacher, you can read it at Besides weaving, teaching and writing about baskets, she loves the people she has met and the places she has visited through basketry.

Classes: 102, 206, 308, 401

Brenda McKinnon

photo of Brenda McKinnon

Brenda has been weaving 30 plus years. She stays busy teaching basket weaving at local guilds, clubs, schools as well as private lessons in her home in Bedford, Texas. Recently, her creative basket weaving was tested when she was asked to weave a mock-up of a hot air balloon basket for a special art school in Dallas. Her involvement in the D/FW Basket Guild began in 1987 as a charter member who was instrumental in starting the organization. She is a charter and founding member of TBWA. She has taught at GA, IN, NC, MO, OK, AR and TBWA conferences.

Classes: 112, 214, 301

Cindy Pauchey

Photo of Cindy Pauchey

Cindy is a retired art teacher with 28 years’ experience. Weaving entered her life 34 years ago when she owned a quilt shop in the small town of Walters, OK. She ordered a book on basket weaving and fell in love! Her first goal was to weave baskets. Afterward, she needed something more in personal growth in basketry and decided to grow gourds. In a great ‘ah, ha’ moment she began incorporating gourds into her basket weaving. It made perfect sense since it allows intertwining gourds and baskets to create a sculptural quality. Cindy has sold her gourds and baskets at many art shows.

Classes: 309, 403

Pat Vogler

photo of Pat Vogler

Pat's love for basket weaving began in 1999 when she was convinced to take a class at the local community college.  In 2002 she opened her basket shop, Bittersweet Baskets. She and her husband John started making ash bases in 2007 and then in 2013 purchased a leather handle making company Homestead Heirlooms. Look her up at her website

Classes: 108, 210

Cancelled Teachers:

  • Martha May
  • Sarah Wiley