Texas Basket Weavers Association

In January, 2011, a steering committee gathered to determine the feasibility of developing a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Texas.

These trustees developed our By laws, Conflict of Interest policy and other documents necessary to operate the Texas Basket Weavers Association. We received a 501(c)(3) charity status with the Internal Revenue Service, in August of 2011.

Once the TBWA was established,  we considered how and where we would hold our first annual conference. We decided to rotate the venues around the state and hold the conferences during mid-to-late January each year.

Our first conference was held in New Braunfels (between San Antonio and Austin) in 2012. This was a great success!

The second conference followed in 2013 in Mesquite (between Dallas and Fort Worth). Now we were really growing!

Since then we have held conferences in the following cities:

Click on the link to the upcoming conferences to contact us about being a part of the conference team.

  • 2014 Conference: Houston
  • 2015 Conference: Round Rock
  • 2016 Conference: Dallas
  • 2017 Conference: Houston
  • 2018 Conference: Kerrville
  • 2019 Conference: Dallas
  • 2020 Conference: Houston

Board of Directors and Appointed Officers

Board of Directors

President:   Juanita Stanley
 Vice President:   Cricket Rose
 Secretary:   Isabel Proske
Treasurer:   Julie Dippel
Membership Director:   Gale Brom

Member at Large:   Linda Satter
Member at Large:   Becky Kitzmiller-Bulfin
Member at Large:   Emma Hughes
Member at Large:   Becky Schwartz

Appointed Officers

Newsletter Editor:   Barbara Green

Parliamentarian:   Linda Ormand

Historian:   Mary Brown

Website Coordinator:   Holly Karr

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If you and a family member are interested in a Shared Membership (2 basket weavers, 2 distinct email addresses, 1 postal address), please click on the application picture below for a printable form for you to mail in along with the necessary documentation.

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