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January 24-27, 2019

Mention Texas Basket Weavers Association (TBWA) to get the special discounted rate when you make your hotel room reservations early by phone. 972-385-9000

TBWA's 2019 Conference
January 24-27, 2019

The conference will be at the DoubleTree by the Hilton Dallas Near the Galleria.
The special room rate is available until December 19th or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.

Bing map-location of DoubleTree Hotel for the 2019 TBWA conference

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Please Be Aware:
No third-party booking agent (Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, etc.) can qualify to get the special TBWA pricing.
Reservations made by any means other than the link on our website or by the phone number and instructions above will not be honored by the hotel for TBWA's conference and their discounted rate.

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Click on the image to view and download the 2019 Dallas Round Up Conference Catalog!

Image of Texas Basket Weavers Association's 2019 Catalog Cover

New for 2019!

Class selections are now offered on a first available basis.
Pick 1 class per day per time-slot!
  • Immediately see which classes are open
  • Fun Evening Classes allow you to take 2 classes per day!
  • Option to choose an alternate class is available during check out
  • No need to select 5 classes for 1 day and hope for the best

Conference Marketplace

Marketplace during the Annual TBWA Conference
stock clip art illustration of vendors at a marketplace

On Saturday evening, January 26th, we offer Marketplace space to any registrant who wishes to sell basket-related supplies or items he or she has made. Marketplace will be held in the weaving room from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

We make it easy to pre-pay for being a Marketplace seller during online registration.

Click on the link above and select the ticket marked "Seller at Marketplace".  You will be charged the $10 fee at checkout. A conference team member will contact you later to complete your application for the items you intend to sell during Marketplace.

If you are interested in participating but not sure if your items are allowed, please use the CONTACT 2019 CONFERENCE TEAM form to sign up and get info on payment for Marketplace,  your printed registration form or Pre-ordering basket kit and Marketplace fee form, and pay the $10.00 fee to reserve a space for you to sell your items.

OR if you're registering by mail - mark your printed registration form or Pre-ordering basket kit and Marketplace fee form, and pay the $10.00 fee to reserve a space for you to sell your items.

Applications and fees for Marketplace are due November 1, 2018.

All individual Marketplace spaces must be pre-paid before the Conference.

Woohoo!!   Have we got a deal for you!!

Increase your basket weaving skills – on us!  Apply for the Educational Grant from TBWA.  The application is easy to complete.  The result could be an award to use for learning a new basket weaving skill, attending a new venue, or using a new media.

As our last awardee, Karen Hobbs says, “Why not use $500 from TBWA to learn something new, or expand your knowledge in an old craft."

If you have volunteered in the past and have been a TBWA member for the last 2 years, you are eligible.  Just complete the application and send it in by December 15, 2018.  The recipient will be announced at the conference in January 2019.  At the conference the following year (2020), you share your new knowledge with the rest of us.

image of TBWA Grant Application

Applications and eligibility details are available by clicking on the application.

TBWA Stars of Weaving Illustration - stock image

  Stars of Weaving Competition

and The Exhibition

Stars of Weaving

Share your baskets with your fellow weavers in either a juried or non-juried exhibit!
5 Juried Categories (each competing for $50 cash prizes):

  • Reed
  • Art/Unusual Piece
  • Natural
  • New Weaver (less than 2 years)
  • Professional

Winners of the juried categories will receive $50 CASH, rather than a $50 voucher for Conference Vendors, as in prior years. That means you’ll have more money to spend on the Silent Auction, Opportunity Drawing tickets, dinner, supplies or gift items from a Vendor or at Marketplace ... or on whatever you like!

One entry from all of the above categories (except Professional) could win the Viewer’s Choice Award: $50 plus a 2019/2020 TBWA membership!

Non-competitive Category (no prize money): The Exhibition

Want to show off your basketry skills? The Exhibition is just the place for you! Bring your non-competing items to display during the conference.

It’s easy to enter The Exhibition and FUN to show off your basketry skills!

Artist Sally Stokes is on Etsy and Facebook under "sarahracha".

A New Challenge: Repurpose, Recycle and Weave

This year, Repurpose, Recycle and Weave will highlight baskets made with plastics. You know all of those grocery store bags, plastic bottles, plastic caps, and milk jugs that you toss in the recycle bucket? Consider fishing those items out and looking at them with a different mindset! We would love to feature your baskets in this year’s Repurpose, Recycle and Weave exhibition.

Are you up for a challenge from Lynne Dees, Cricket Rose, and Janet Newman? In the footsteps of several well-known weavers who use recyclables such as Lois Walpole, Barbara DePirro, Emily Dvorin, and Jackie Abrams, we want to promote the use of non-traditional materials in basket weaving, and at the same time, illustrate that trash can be beautiful!! According to hipcycle.com, upcycling is a new term that expresses the process of converting old or discarded materials into something more useful and often beautiful than the original object.

Sarahracha black, gray, button trimmed recycled plastic basket

Artist Sally Stokes is on Etsy and Facebook under "sarahracha".

You can access some great ideas from http://time.com/4358434/world-oceans-day-art-marine-plastic/ where 13 artists turned ocean trash into beautiful works of art, and at http://scribol.com/art-and-design/art/incredible-art-woven-from-recycled-materials/ you can view Elizabeth Morisette’s amazing upcycled weavings. In Nigeria, women are creating a plethora of products out of discarded plastic bags. See the video at https://www.reuters.com/video/2017/04/23/nigerian-women-crochet-bags-from-plastic?videoId=371537497

It’s not just another plastic bag.

Get further details by contacting our Stars of Weaving Coordinator here: 

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Basket Weaving Resources

basket weaving resources

See a list of trusted vendors offering basket weaving supplies.